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At first, at may sounds like it, but surprisingly, this is more a movie about self-discovery and hope (aka life of a new generation [25-30]). Good acting, great script/subject, and well directed. I really enjoyed watching it, and I will watch it again.. what happens when you mix the last airbender and x-men... Cried the whole thing... life changing movie Order up! For Georgie Pls @devfrommars love will come through by travis oh look at that a better version of the avengers

Guardians of the Soviet Union This is only my favorite movie, and the soundtrack is amazing too. 




I wanna see it now Cuz I saw lin Manuel Miranda XD LOL

if league of legends had a movie. MORGANA: 0:11 , UDYR 0:31 , BLONDE KATARINA 0:42 , MASTER YI 0:50 , SION 0:57 , ASSASIN ZED 1:10 He plays in it him 😂😂🥺 Is this Bill and Georgie from another dimension?



I can't wait to go balls-deep in this 😅


WAIT LIN IS HERE hi . Does anyone know the music name and artist this movie?? Nice trailer





  • 1000 / 1000