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I am like everyone who heard this movie was bring made... Why? Then I saw it on my hulu movie list and I said if I can watch the She-Ra remake then this should get a try too. Once again I am please with this film. It is not oscar worthy it is light hearted colorful and perfect for modern day teens encompassing all aspects of today. This is not for babies or adults who dont believe in PG13. But it gave me life and I give a big Hoorah! to Tyra Banks for making me seriously want an Eve doll, Barbie does not exist. This was a perfect advancement to the story plot and a face. I did give it a 10 because it surprised me, it was on par with the theme of the first movie and despite disneyesque acting it made me laugh beginning to end. I feel silly but it was a good fun movie for 13 and older.5.



Omg she is still gorgeous 😍...I can’t wait for the sequel. Liam ❤️ It won’t be able to live up to the original with Lindsay Lohan. I mean...tyra is a real life doll Want to watch this Yay I am so excited Okay TYRA!!







  • 1000 / 1000